WoW Progress

Present your WoW raid progression in a stylish way to your website visitors.
Displays bosses, firstkill, boss bodycount, boss loot, free choosable screenshot / picture.
Totally free configurable through component.
WoW ProgressWoW Progress
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Updated on 2011-07-12


  • Working Joomla 1.5 installation
  • PHP 5.x

What you get

  • Component for managing raid instances / bosses / loot / etc.
  • Module to configure what to display in customizable style
  • Example Boss pics for all WoW Raid bosses displaying in module infobox
  • One license to use the installation (component+module) for one website
  • Ability to download each included archive (.zip) 10 times (so you can update to a max of 10 times in case of bugfixes and new releases)
  • If you need more than one license (e.g. as guild website hoster)  you can contact me via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Read the EULA, it is mandatory! (English Version follows)


  • See example module in the left column and hover over the instance names and boss names with your mouse!

View Preview Images of the Component and Module

  • Click HERE to view more pictures of the component!


Backend Component Features

  • backend component and module are completely in english and german
  • preconfigured Classic / BC / WotLK / Cataclysm (Patch 4.2) raid dungeons including all bosses and boss loot
  • raid data (dungeon / boss / item names) included in the following languages: english, german, french and spanish
  • raid dungeons are now categorized by WoW Expansion
  • create your own categories and make your own raid dungeon collection for display
  • easy updateable for upcoming raid dungeons
  • add / delete / edit raids (ideal for adding and customizing raid instances!)
  • add / delete / edit bosses, boss loot, eqdkp raid note parse string for boss (using regular expressions)
  • every input field offers quick online help what to enter (take a look at the component picture below)
  • option to display tooltips with overlibwms instead of CSS NEW!


Module Features

  • displays raid as icon, text or both
  • customizeable raid progress bars (choose your own colors!)
  • parses your eqdkp loot for acquiring raid progress to display (requires eqdkp dkp systemNEW!
  • eqdkp raid notes parsing for bosskills, boss bodycount, loot, firstkill (requires eqdkp dkp system)
  • the tooltip is fully styleable!
  • WoW tooltip style included
  • tooltip position freely choosable (left / right)
  • horizontal / vertical display
  • optionally displays configurable screenshot in separate infobox
  • optionally displays looted items with drop amount from boss in infobox
  • displays raids by predefined or custom category
  • multiple instances of the module are possible, e.g. to display raids by expansion in separate modules

For a complete list of all changes made to the latest version, visit the forums!


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