This guide will quickly explain your easy way to your first RAform.


001 components raforms 1. Go to "Components" -> "Raforms".
002 new button 2. Click on the 'new' button.
003 set a title 3. Set a title for your new form in the 'Configuration' tab.
004 set grid size 4. Switch to the 'Form' tab. Set your desired grid size to place your form elements accurately.
005 drag drop elements 5. Drag and drop your form elements from the toolbox to your form.
006 edit element properties 6. Right click on your new element and select 'Edit' from the menu.
007 set properties 7. Set your properties for this (text) element.
008 select element properties 8. Repeat step 5 to 7 and add as many elements as you wish.

Here we add a 'select' box.
Adding new options for this box is really easy.
Simply click on the 'plus' in the table and add more options.
009 submit element 9. After you are done, don't forget to add a 'submit' element, so your users may save their filled out form.
Set 'Redirect' to 'List view' in this example.
009a move elements by rectangle selection 10. Don't worry if you set a form element in the wrong place.

Simply click and hold the left mouse button and move the selection box over the element to be moved elsewhere.
Releasing the mouse button will allow you to move the selected element(s) to a new location.
010 list view set captions and filters 11. Now switch to the 'List view' tab.
Here you define your filters and captions for your list view of all entries made to your form.

Just drag and drop them from left to right.
You may always change their order.

Right click an element for more properties.
011 set permissions 12. Set permissions for this form.

Here you define which groups have which rights on this form.
In this example, give 'Public' access to 'Create' new entries / to fill out this form.
012 save and close 13. Save and close your form.
013 add menu item 14. Add a new menu item to your site.
014 select form view 15. Click on 'Select' next to 'Menu Item Type' and choose 'Form' from 'RAforms'.
015 give title select your form 16. Set a title for your menu link and select your newly created form.
016 done 17. Done! You may now access your form from the frontend.